Frequently Asked Questions


Face Masks


What are the masks made of?

  • The masks are not medical grade.  

  • They are handmade of 100% cotton fabric, with metal in the nose piece that you can fit to the bridge of your nose 

  • We offer a variety of ways to attach to your face: behind the ear elastic, tie, and adjustable.

  • The masks do not contain a pocket to insert the shields

  • Lilly Masks are made of authentic Lilly Pulitzer fabric.


How do I clean my mask?

  • We recommend you wash the masks before wear

  • Hand wash or place them in a pillowcase or lingerie bag, wash on the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent, hang to dry. 

    • Do not dry

    • Do not bleach

  • The masks do contain metal, therefore, do not place in the microwave to disinfect 


How long will it take to get my mask?

  • It can take about 7 business days to ship

  • You will receive tracking information once your order has shipped

  • Please note that we do not ship on the weekend

  • Shipping can take a little longer due to COVID-19, thank you for your patience during this time


Do they come in a pack?

  • The masks do not come in packs, they are sold individually

  • You are able to choose your desired quantity and pay accordingly 

  • Please keep in mind that there are limited quantities

Can I choose my print?

  • Please read description when purchasing mask

  • We have multiple print categories available

  • While some have the option to specify, we cannot guarantee you will receive the exact print pictured, mask are chosen at random based off of the category chosen


How do I wear my mask?

  • The nose piece goes at the top over the bridge of your nose

  • The pleats should go downward when facing the outside

  • Elastic: the elastic fits over your ears

  • Tie: tie mask tie around the neck/base of your head and around the back of your head

  • Adjustable : place mask over your head with the loop and the top and the toggle at the bottom,  the loop should be placed around the back of the head, and the toggle at the neck, pull until desired fit is achieved